This Flight Safety Policy was developed on the basis of the third edition of ICAO Doc 9859 2013, approved by the Flight Safety Committee and signed by the General Director of the airline.

The management of AZUR air LLC and every employee of the Airline considers that the main goal of aviation activities is to achieve a high level of flight safety, as this is the most important priority for the Airline's sustainable development.

In part of our operating activities, we:

1. Ensure that the Flight Safety Policy is brought to the notice of all Airline personnel.

2. Develop a corporate culture of flight safety, in which the participation of each employee and their personal responsibility in ensuring flight safety is of paramount importance.

3. Build a strategy and plan the distribution of all types of necessary resources for the development and improvement of Flight Safety Management System and for ensuring flight safety requirements.

4. Provide the necessary training for all employees involved in flight safety management, flight operations, and aircraft maintenance; provide the necessary safety information, analyze it, and use the results of audits to identify hazard factors and associated risks to prevent them.

5. Improve and develop the management system and methods at all levels to ensure that our aviation activities show high levels of flight safety and meet the requirements of Russian aviation legislation, ICAO and IATA standards and recommended practices, the requirements of the manufacturer of our Boeing aircraft, as well as the best practices of Russian and foreign airlines.

6. Guarantee that the employee is assigned only those tasks that conform to its qualifications;

7. The current state of flight safety in airline, flight safety performance indicators, hazards and risks, any information associated with the safety of our activities and its management are brought to the notice of every head and employee of the AZUR air LLC.

8. Create conditions for conducting incidents investigations within the established time frame. The conclusions made on the results of an investigation should ensure an increase in the level of flight safety, as well as protect the life and health of people.

9. We welcome the behavior of employees, who perform their duties expertly and competently.

10. Guarantee that no action will be taken against any employee who reports a flight safety problem, except in cases where the circumstances reasonably indicate illegal actions of this employee, gross negligence, omission, or wilful misconduct of established requirements, rules or procedures.

11. Take care of the safety of our clients, employees, and partners, and we do our best to promote the development of the voluntary reporting system.

12. Guarantee to conduct internal and external audits of the flight safety management system in order to identify risk factors in a timely manner and to improve control over the effectiveness of measures to eliminate them.

13. Ensure that all procedures are documented, that all necessary documents are up-to-date, that they are easily accessible and easy to use, and that they are protected from damage or loss.

14. Establish a clear definition of the duties and areas of responsibility (competence) of all heads and employees of the airline to ensure flight safety.

15. The obligation to participate in flight safety management is stated as "primary" (the ICAO term) in enterprise manuals and standards, in regulations on divisions and job descriptions of heads and employees.

16. Take measures to reduce the risks associated with the organization, performance and support of flights to the lowest practically possible and achievable levels (ALAPP).

17. Ensure timely provision of reliable and objective information on flight safety issues, both to the heads and to all aviation personnel of AZUR air LLC, as well as to the aviation authorities of Russia and to international organizations.

18. Strive for continuously improving of our flight safety results, for conduction in-depth analysis of the status of flight safety, for clear functioning of the flight safety management system at the level of our airline, and for timely and adequate response to increased risks and reduced flight safety indicators.

The management of the airline considers it its responsibility to ensure the economic stability of the enterprise by ensuring its effective operation through optimal use of production resources, stable financial condition, improving the structure of assets, as well as stable social development of the enterprise with self-financing in a dynamically developing external environment.

If the parameters of the external environment deviate beyond acceptable values, as a result of the occurrence of any adverse events, the enterprise must return to an equilibrium state by own resources or borrowed resources.

We are committed to promoting the importance of flight safety management and accident prevention, as well as the achievements of our airline in this area.