The term "security" in Azur Air OOO combines the terms of aviation security and flight safety directly. For us, these terms are equal and we do not determine their priority—ensuring aviation security and flight safety are utmost priorities for us.

The effective functioning of the Fight Safety Management System (FSMS), which includes an aviation security management and Quality Management System (QMS), is a condition of our work and the basis for the development of the airline, the basis for cooperation with the main customer of charter programs and flights, with business partners, contractors and service providers, and, in general, the guarantee of safe, commercially effective and socially efficient work in the markets of charter air transportation.

Main endeavors of the company

The unconditional provision of safety, an increase in the regularity of flights, the expansion of regions and directions of transportation, the effective operation of the fleet of aircraft, the optimization of business processes are the main endeavors made by the airline to achieve the established goals, and to justify the expectations of its consumers and Company Shareholders.

Company values


The airline does not limit the resources spent on unconditional security. Interaction with authorized bodies, services at airports, control and management of security procedures at airports and on board aircraft, the serviceability of aviation equipment, necessary training, advanced training and the motivation of employees, the improvement of operational documentation, careful planning and control of flight production under strict observance of the requirements of air legislation of Russia and application of advanced western technologies in the field of safety and security are our priority values.


The management of Azur Air OOO has developed and approved the airline quality policy, which meets the requirements of international quality standard ISO 9001:2008 and national Russian GOST R ISO 9001–2008. The quality policy is a component of strategic management of the company and is intended for setting goals and objectives in this field, and forming the overall corporate strategy of the airline for a long-term period.


Our success largely depends on the confidence of the public, primarily transported and potential passengers, the main customer of charter programs and flights, as well as aviation authorities, public organizations, and the media. We value our reputation and its betterment is an important factor in the production and commercial activities of Azur Air.