Rules of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage

Information for Passengers Traveling on Flights from Moscow/Saint Petersburg to Thailand/Vietnam and VV

For the winter season of 2018/2019, the airline introduces new rules for baggage and carry-on luggage on flights Moscow–Cam Ranh, Moscow–Phuket, Moscow – Phu Quoc, Saint Petersburg–Cam Ranh, Saint Petersburg–Phuket, Saint Petersburg – Phu Quoc and the return flights. The total weight of check-in baggage must not exceed 15 kg now. The rules for carry-on luggage remain unchanged — 5 kg.

The airline draws special attention to the rules of transportation for fruit baskets on flights from Cam Ranh/Phuket to Moscow/Saint Petersburg. The weight of baskets must not exceed 5 kg to be allowed for transportation. Also, baskets fall under the rules of free luggage transportation. Therefore, the following options are available for the mentioned flights:

- submit at the check-in counter your baggage which weight does not exceed 15 kg, and take only one fruit basket as a carry-on luggage to the aircraft cabin; or
- submit at the check-in counter a fruit basket and your baggage, with the total weight not exceeding 15 kg, and take one piece of carry-on luggage, which weight does not exceed 5 kg, to the aircraft cabin.

The changes are due to operational requirements. The airline asks its passengers and partners to follow the latest updates on the official website of the airline.